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Services Offered

Support for Specific Programs / Projects

  • Program Management

  • Project Management

  • Technology Development

  • Change Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • KPI / Metrics Development & Tracking

  • User Acceptance Testing

Initiative Program Design & Implementation


We have developed a comprehensive Initiative Management Program that will help you drive continuous and compounding value throughout your organization. We focus on the small and medium size projects that do not often receive as much attention / focus as the large ones, but can deliver just as much value if not more. 


The program is also flexible and can be adapted to any technology requirements you may have or want, or to include certain processes you already have in place and would like to maintain (e.g. budget documentation, project management templates, etc.).


The program can be scaled up or down to match your preferences. For example, it can be implemented company wide across all departments or in certain departments that tend to have higher volumes of ideas for improvements in the realm of small and medium size projects.

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